Cowboys Don't Do Lunch

Suzanne D. Johnson, Gnosis Media LLC, and Jerry Sieve



9" x 9" Square
Publication date: 
June, 2018
Rights world: 

Jerry Sieve, Gene Garrison, Aris Georges, JeriJane Robertson, Stephen Cohen, Evelyn Johnson, Cave Creek Museum


By nature, Herb Cohen was an observer who then became a participant in the lives of his camera's reticent subjects simply because he loved engaging with the people he befriended. Cowboys Don’t Do Lunch features skillfully detailed photographs of the last of the real cowboys of Cave Creek, Arizona at a time when the area was in transition from a full-time cattle ranching community into an incorporated town. Despite the rapid modernization of life in the 20th Century, through the 1970s the inhabitants of this community remained relatively unchanged in their mannerisms and way of life. Herb Cohen was invited to participate in the lives of the cowboys he photographed, being equally welcomed into families on the Navajo Reservation. Based on these connections, Cohen captured images few had access to at the time, photos that reveal the historical and cultural significance of the people that settled these regions.

About the author: 

Suzanne D. Johnson has been the owner and Executive Producer of (3) Production Companies, including an educational arts and humanities non-profit organization where she was the recipient of numerous grants and corporate sponsorships

Gnosis Media LLC, her current roost, is a culmination of her professional history. Through her media companies she has produced television commercials, programs for cable and broadcast networks, corporate and public service videos, marketing and web pieces, independent films and documentaries, events and symposia, books, and arts and cultural tours.

Jerry Sieve / Photo Editor is a teacher and an artist as well as a renowned Arizona Highways Magazine cameraman who has been a professional photographer for 40 years. He has also shot for National Geographic, National Wildlife Federation and Sierra Club.

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