Little Blue Planet

John Riggs with Corrine Evanoff

Illustrations by Alexandria Nazar


The delights of friendship and the mysteries of our universe come together in this tender tale of a little blue planet’s heartwarming journey to find happiness.


12 x 12"
Trade Cloth
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Little Blue Planet is a lighthearted tale about hope and friendship, inspired by and published in honor of Jon Riggs. The story highlights the importance of keeping dreams close to the heart while engaging children and adults alike with dazzling illustrations and delightful rhymes. A lonely little blue planet’s wish for a friend is heard by the loving sun, and so begins the eternal friendship between the Earth and Moon. Readers young and old are enchanted by this cheery spin on how the Sun, Moon, and Earth accompany each other in outer space, bonded through the magic of dreams.





About the author: 

Jon Riggs (1959-2011) grew up in southern California and spent the majority of his creative life living and working in Laguna Beach, CA. For the past twenty years, Jon worked as an art director, creative consultant, and set designer for major movie studios and in commercial and broadcast media production houses. His strong creative spirit inspired many, and the deep connection he felt with the earth and his surroundings was part of what made his life exceptional.

Sadly, Jon passed away far too soon in the fall of 2011. This book, inspired by his playful artwork and the sweet story he wrote on a whim long ago, is dedicated to his two daughters. We proudly publish Little Blue Planet in memory of his life.

Alexandria Nazar received her degree in Fine Arts and History from UC Davis in 2011; shortly thereafter she moved back to the San Francisco Bay Area to pursue a career in the arts. Though her training was in fine arts, Alexandria's true love is illustration—collaborating with local writers and poets, she loves to bring the written word to life. 

Corrine Evanoff has long desired to fuse her love of the written word with the sprightly joy she feels when entertaining children, and the result is her first children's book project, Little Blue Planet. When not working as an editor, she can be found reading, bike riding, painting, or sitting atop her favorite mountain, perched in her favorite tree overlooking the Pacific. Corrine resides in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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