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ORO Editions is pleased to announce its two new imprints, one of which is GOFF BOOKS and will publish Warren Lehrer's much anticipated A Life In Books in Fall 2013. We are delighted that this unique, entertaining publication will help launch our new imprint that focuses on visual literature, art, design, and pop-culture books.

Lehrer's gem of a novel is, as The Atlantic reiterates, a real book made out of 100 fake books. Fake books, you say? Yes. These imaginary titles are woven throughout imprisoned author Bleu Mobley's life story, complete with excerpts that read like short stories, and cover art designed by Lehrer himself. Bleu's narrative alone provides more than enough hilarious-yet-philosophical amusement, but the book excerpts are delightfully intriguing, leaving the reader yearning for more storytelling, more fascinating characters, more insight to the curious mind of Bleu Mobley (and really, Warren himself!).

We don't want to give away too much (buy the book here!), but head on over to The Atlantic's website for a throwback piece on the brilliance of Lehrer in his creation of this masterpiece of visual literature.


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