Dancing Dog Blog: "Dogs Rule Nonchalantly: When Dogs, Art, and Kickstarter Collide"

Dogs Rule Nonchalantly: When Dogs, Art, and Kickstarter Collide by MARY HAIGHT on SEPTEMBER 30, 2014

Dogs Rule Nonchalantly authored by illustrator Mark Ulriksen was offered for review, and though I rarely accept book pitches due to the time involved, this one struck the right note. And who wouldn’t want to find out more about an artist who has his work in the Smithsonian and adorning the covers of magazines like the New Yorker, not once, but 40 times?

This book on dogs is Ulriksen’s maiden voyage painting with words, and we talked about his writing process and how this all came together. It helps when you’ve got friends who can bridge your art with a story sketch, but of course you’ve got to provide your own talent – there’s no shortage of that here! Writing about something you love might make it (almost) easy.

Kickstarter is another part of the story in how this book came to be. I’ve seen so many of these efforts fizzle instead of pop that I really wanted to know how he managed to raise nearly double his ask, to total $46,000. He’s got very interesting insights to share on his experience with crowdfunding — it’s a real eye-opener.

An award winning illustrator, Ulriksen gathered paintings he created as covers for the New Yorker, Worth, Rolling Stone, Time, Newsweek, GQ, The Atlantic Monthly, and private collections, edited them down to a manageable number and built a story of dogs, one that’s personal and easily recognized by dog lovers everywhere.

This art-filled book published by Goff has the page thickness of a high quality art book and wonderful saturation of colors, a feast for the senses. The paintings reflect the words and remind us of our own dogs, past and present. Dogs Rule Nonchalantly is a joyful little reverie. You can find Mark Ulriksen at his Facebook Page.


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