Delight in Ms. B's Deliciousness

Another reason to add world-renowned cake/culinary/fashion artist Bonnae Gokson’s upcoming publication Butterflies and All Things Sweet to your bookshelf!

Gokson’s ultra-chic Hong Kong restaurant/bar SEVVA has been featured as a must-visit hotspot in the January 16th-edition of Net-A-Porter, one of the biggest online fashion publications.

Like the works of culinary art found in Butterflies and All Things Sweet, the cuisine and atmosphere of SEVVA are fashioned by Bonnae’s interpretation of her refined upbringing and years of great exposure to various international ambiances via her travels. For those unable to jump on a Hong Kong-bound plane to enjoy SEVVA’s famous views and original classic/modern-fusion dishes, the stunning visual experience provided by Bonnae in her restaurant is equally, if not more enjoyably felt throughout the pages of Butterflies and All Things Sweet.   

Like Team ORO, when reading the book you are bound to crave the mouth-watering sweets and treats of Ms. Gokson, but will likely find yourself conflicted with doing the unthinkable--devouring her unbelievable works of culinary art. After all, how can such splendor be considered “food”?!  

Keep an eye out for our pre-order purchase link for Butterflies and All Things Sweet, coming soon!

Check out the Net-A-Porter article here.

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