FunnelCake: On the iPhone by David Hume Kennerly

Face it, most of our iPhone pictures are routine - selfies on a mountaintop, pictures of the cat, or, even more boring, pics of that weird-shaped metal piece we need to replace at the hardware store. It makes sense. After all, the iPhone is pretty limited, isn't it? No optical zoom, no interchangeable lenses, a flash with a limited range, fewer megapixels than that fancy DSLR your neighbor carries around, and the lens probably has your fingerprints on it. You can gussie up the photos with a filter if you're feeling retro, but that doesn't change the limitations of the camera, does it? Sure, your iPhone has the advantage of being with you most of the time, and that's great, but what can you do with it? 

It turns out that it's quite possible to take amazing photographs on the iPhone, and David Hume Kennerly is here to prove it. A life-long photographer, Kennerly has gone from tooling around with a Brownie Hawkeye as a child, to working as a pro with a Canon 5D Mark III, earning a Pulitzer Prize in Journalism along the way. He has photographed presidents, produced Emmy award-winning documentaries, and traveled the world in search of the perfect photograph. So, with a resume like that, why would he bother with the iPhone?


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