MindBodyGreen: This Is What Climate Change Looks Like (It Isn't Pretty)

The recklessness with which we've treated our only home since the Industrial Revolution is coming back to haunt us, with wasteful consumerism, overpopulation and resource extraction contributing to a warming atmosphere and diminishing natural landscapes. A new book, Overdevelopment, Overpopulation, Overshoot, hopes to document some of the damage and shed light on both the personal and large-scale impact human action has had on the environment.

The results are a powerful photo collection that may not always be uplifting, but will hopefully contribute to a growing understanding that collective action is necessary if we hope to slow or stop these effects.

Even now, people around the world are struggling to cope with habitat loss and changing natural landscapes, both of which are just two of the more immediate impacts of climate change. As you'll see in the images below, the threat is dire and imminent, yet may still offer humans a chance to course correct.


Featured Books

Chile's Wilderness Jewel

Antonio Vizcaino

The Great Wetlands of Argentina

Juan Ramón Díaz Colodrero

Antonio Vizcaíno and Douglas Tompkins 

Antonio Vizcaíno

Antonio Vizcaino

with Douglas Tomkins and President Sebastian Pinera