We were delighted to be introduced to ORO Editions, a company dedicated to publishing world-class bespoke architecture, art & design books, and multimedia publications that celebrate creativity and a unique design spirit.

If you are heading to New York for a bit of sightseeing with children, say under 12, this would be a delightful addition to the family suitcase.

Beautiful architectural renditions of some of the famous – and not so famous landmarks – adorn the pages of this hardback. With each there is a stanzas of 2 and 4 lines giving a brief overview with a little rhyme or two thrown in.

Take the High Line which you discover stretches over 20 blocks, hop onto “Intrepid”, the aircraft carrier open for visitors. Amble past The New York Public Library where you should…

Visit the carousel and outdoor reading room,

Borrow a book, but make sure to return it soon.