Many think slavery ended with the demise of the trans-Atlantic trade, but sadly, that’s far from true. An estimated thirty-six million live without dignity or rights and although slavery is illegal in every country, it continues to persist in all—as a crime against humanity. In Bound to Freedom, Lisa Kristine’s indelible images ask that we pay attention to the tangible humanness and dignity of those enslaved.

Bound to Freedom inspires to engage in the reality of slavery, seeks to make us aware of the depth of its reach, and insists we begin to look for solutions across faiths, governments, businesses, and the communities of our world. With a declaration from Pope Francis, along with quotes from diverse global leaders, the message is clear: slavery is not a political issue – it is a human issue.

Through her journey, Lisa Kristine, a San Francisco based humanitarian photographer specializing in indigenous peoples worldwide, shines a light on the need for a global shift from dependence on slave labor to fair trade labor systems available and active in many parts of the world today. It is not simply a story about slavery, but liberation.

Lisa Kristine, Bound To Freedom: Slavery to Liberation
Published by Goff Books